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Sacha Mistol Art Hotel

Sacha Mistol Art Hotel is the first themed boutique hotel in Córdoba: art invades every corner of this antique mansion and each room combines in a unique way comfort with interventions of a variety of artists.

Sacha Mistol is a native species of tree typical of the forests in northern Córdoba. This lovely companion dwells among us and stands for the spirit of the hotel. In the memory that keeps all city’s secrets, the roots tying up with history. The sheltering and supporting walls, a strong tree’s trunk bursting into sweet fruits: art is that fruit connecting us with endless possible worlds.

Brick by brick, this mansion was built in downtown Córdoba around 1927 as the architectural signature of the will for a modern and European-styled renovation.

9 Stories

Sacha Mistol has 9 unique rooms. Every accommodation blends murals, installations and artists work evoking the sense of a magical place.

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We provide specialized attention to your needs. We offer a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere

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Art Gallery.

We are a virtual and real art gallery, where art is part of the air we breathe every day in each of our corners of Sacha Mistol.